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How to Align Your Visual Brand Guidelines and Create Consistently On-Brand Content

About this eBook

Content is how brands express their unique identities, and visual content is much easier for consumers to absorb. The challenge for many marketers is how to develop a plan to create consistently on-brand content that reinforces brand identity.

Over 90% of moments on mobile devices are spent in-app where app news feeds are cluttered with thousands of different pieces of content. Unless your content consistently represents your identity in a bold and unique fashion, you’ll struggle to break through the clutter and connect with audiences.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how to transcribe your brand identity through visual content. You’ll also recognize the benefits of automated technology and how new solutions can bring your entire creative team together on what defines consistently on-brand visual content.

You’ll learn:

  • Opportunities presented to marketers as a result of mobile behavior
  • How to remove challenging workflows that obstruct consistent content creation
  • Why you should use technology to develop structured brief templates for content
  • F-500 global brands that benefited from consistent content creative processes

All you need to know about aligning your creative team on how to create consistent content.