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How to Create More Visual Content with Limited Marketing Budgets

About this eBook

The cost required to create visual content, especially for social and digital channels, has become absurd. Marketers are under strict demands to produce more visual content from brand managers and consumers alike. But the budgets to scale production have remained flat.

However, the budget is secondary to the creative process. Nearly 50% of a marketer’s time is spent creating content and 48% of marketers say they lack the time to produce high quality content with impact.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how to streamline your creative process to create more visual content for your brand. You’ll also see how technology solutions can increase your team’s productivity without requiring new investments of time and money into the creative workflow.

You’ll learn:

  • Why budgets are secondary problems behind outdated content workflows
  • The mobile effect and why you need more visual content to compliment mobile behavior
  • How your existing creative process has fallen behind the rate people consume content
  • Technology’s ability to automate workflows and save time and money for F-500 brands

An effective guide to creating more visual content without breaking your marketing budget.