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How to Increase Your Visual Content on a Limited Marketing Budget


About this ebook:

As content demands keep increasing, more and more budget will get tied into content creation. But marketing budgets aren’t changing.


The reality is if you use a traditional content creation model, your content economics no longer make sense. The cost of retaining your audience is skyrocketing, and the volume of content you need to create to cut through the noise outpaces your production capabilities.


If you don't change your content creation model now (better sourcing for the content supply chain, optimizing content operations, frictionless creation), you'll waste a ton of money in the next 5 years JUST to fall behind.


So what should you do? Whether your content marketing budget is tied up in production, or you’re looking for new ways of cutting costs, this ebook will give you a better understanding of the solutions you need to dramatically improve your content economics.


You’ll learn:

  • The biggest factors driving up the costs of content creation
  • How content as a service can help reduce production costs
  • Why the current state of content creation won’t scale

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