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How to Create Consistent Visual Content Across Social and Digital Channels


About this ebook:

With over 2 billion mobile users globally checking their smartphones 150+ times a day, brand marketers have over 30 billion moments to reach their target audience every day. This presents a challenge to brand marketers, as they need to be creating content not just only for different formats, but completely different behaviours.


The biggest challenge for brand marketers is keeping that visual content consistent across channels, campaigns, and formats. In order for people to notice your brand in their feeds, your visual identity needs to stay consistent as you scale visual marketing on social and digital.


Whether you’re looking for ways to improve your visual marketing or have an inconsistent brand image, this ebook will help you understand the solutions F500 marketers are deploying to make sure their visual identity is consistent on social and digital channels.



You’ll learn:

  • How the best companies focus on communication
  • How leading brands centralize content creation
  • How marketing decision makers use content-as-a-service to ensure consistency

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