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How to automate workflows to create social and digital content at scale


About this ebook:

Content demands have risen exponentially, driven primarily by changes in consumer tech adoption. Mobile is not just a technology, it’s a consumer behaviour. In order to deliver on consumer expectations, marketers need to produce a lot more content than they currently are.


But marketing budgets aren’t changing. This is a huge problem for enterprise marketers.


So what should you do? Whether you’re struggling with content scale, or looking for new ways of creating content, this ebook will give you a better understanding of what you need to fix in your content operations to achieve the demands and pressures of content marketing today.


You’ll learn:

  • How the changing consumer landscape is forcing marketers to create content differently
  • How using an outdated production model is affecting your content economics
  • How streamlining content operations is key to creating more content
  • How adding the right solution to your content supply chain allows you to scale efficiently

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