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Why You Need Automated Workflows for Consistent On-Brand Visual Content

About the eBook

Brands need consistent styles, formats, and narratives within their visual content to accurately tell stories that need to be told. Consistency is all the more critical when content is shared and consumed across social and digital channels where news feeds are cluttered and oversaturated.

A study by Time Inc. found that 90% of people prefer custom content unique to a specific brand identity. Additionally, 89% of respondents said custom content consistently representative of a brand was the best way to break through cluttered news feeds.

In this eBook, you’ll learn why you need automated solutions to create visual content that consistently aligns to your brand identity. You’ll also learn how technology establishes consistent workflows and reduces turnaround time from content ideation to promotion.

You’ll learn:

How mobile behavior has reduced consumer attention spans

The amount of time and neural energy required by consumers to process visual content

What automated technology can do to improve your existing creative workflows

Best practices and creative examples of how to create consistent content at faster rates

All you need to know about how automated technology leads to consistent visual content.