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7 smart content investments in 2018


About the webinar

At the beginning of the year, Content Marketing Institute research found that 56% of marketers said creating more engaging content was a top priority for the year, while 50% planned on investing more budget into content.

 Now that year end is almost over, it’s time to ask the question – how successful were you at improving your content, and what did you do to meet your goals?

 With the year closing in and leftover budget available, it’s the perfect time to think about content investments to make your 2018 calendar more successful. In this webinar we’ll discuss content trends for 2018 and practical investments that will help you make better content in the new year.


You’ll learn:

  • Content budgeting trends for 2018
  • 7 smart content investments for 2018
  • How to prepare for next year today
  • Content solutions to consider


Everything you need to know about planning for effective content creation in the new year. 


About your speaker

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Alex is responsible for managing the content strategy and implementation for marketing. He is an expert on how our solution fits with brands and understanding customer pain points. Prior to Shutterstock Custom, Alex comes from an experienced B2B marketing background with roles spanning account management, product marketing, and content development at businesses in big-box retail, social media analytics, and public relations.

Alex DiRenzo • Content Strategist