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Digital content that delivers results


 About the webinar

Digital content facilitates the viewer of that content to travel through the consumer buying journey with your brand. Online shopping conversion rates can increase up to 35% due to relevant digital content, and decrease by 80% if there is little to no relevant content.

In this webinar, we’ll be joined by our friends at eBusiness Institute to present data and insights into the consumer shopping experience as influenced by digital content. We’ll present examples of brands that have created digital content that was repurposed for multiple uses in order to facilitate a better experience for the end consumer.

You’ll learn:

  • Why relevant digital content matters

  • Statistics describing content’s influence on the buying journey

  • The value of custom digital content over non-custom

  • Examples of brands with effective digital content


Everything you need to know about how digital content impacts the consumer shopping journey.  


© 2017 Shutterstock, Inc.

About your speakers

Paul is responsible for leading the global marketing efforts of Shutterstock Custom, bringing with him over 15 years of experience in brand marketing for B2C marketing organizations and consulting for some of the world’s largest brands. His start-up and founder experience provide the growth marketing and creative insights required to engage audiences in more unconventional ways.  

Paul Cowan •   VP, Enterprise and SMB Marketing at Shutterstock Custom      

Luigi is the Founder and CEO of eBusiness Institute. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and trainer. Prior to founding EBI, he spent 7 years working as the Global Marketing Manager for P&G brands like Duracell and Oral-B. He is passionate about technology and innovation, specializing in digital transformation.  

Luigi Matrone •   Founder, CEO of eBusiness Institute       

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