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How to create amazing custom videos to engage your audience


About the Webinar

Video content has become very popular among marketers. Studies show that consumers remember 70% of content they both see and hear, and video is the perfect format to deliver memorable content to your target audience.

Custom videos designed for mobile and social news feeds increase your brand visibility and the amount of consumers who could become your customers. You can extend the reach of your custom videos by tapping into tools like Facebook’s Audience Network, which is designed to help marketers meet key business objectives.


You’ll Learn

  • The types of videos that best resonate with viewers
  • Why custom video content improves brand awareness and audience engagement
  • How to capture people’s attention with video and increase social
  • Best practices and success stories


Everything you need to know about creating custom video content that engages your audience.


About your speaker

Alex is responsible for managing the content strategy and implementation for marketing. He is an expert on how our solution fits with brands and understanding customer pain points. Prior to Shutterstock Custom, Alex comes from an experienced B2B marketing background with roles spanning account management, product marketing, and content development at businesses in big-box retail, social media analytics, and public relations.

Alex Direnzo • Content Strategist

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